Rock n Roll: Passion and Edge

A fun way to escape the stress of reality and unleash your wild side is by tuning in to some Classic Rock n Roll. Anywhere from the Beatles to Pink Floyd can stir up passion and emotion that can release the daily tension being experienced by students around the globe. Imagine a wave of sound traveling through the body, creating a universe of rhythm and beats; this is a common effect of Rock n Roll music. The truth is, rock is among some of the most powerful genres of music. Some people listen to it to mask pain or to cover up loud noises. Either way, Rock n roll has an influencial and unavoidable effect on the mood as well as the mind of individuals.


Take the Beatles for example. Their authentic touch on Rock n Roll culture shaped the lives of many people living in the 60’s up until today. Their success sky-rocketed because of the strong effects their songs had on society. The musical language portrayed by the Beatles created a phenomenon that would last decades. Their music generated a stream of emotion that contributed to the livlihood of the nation and other countries around the world.

As for the scientific aspect of rock music, there are plenty of studies that show how it affects the mood of individuals. Listening to rock n roll (moving music) causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel good chemical. This chemical can cause both motivation and musical pleasure. In previous studies, Dr. Valorie Salimpoor and colleagues found that musical pleasure was linked with intense emotional arousal which lead to changes in heart rate, pulse, breathing rate, and much more. Salimpoor’s group found that blood flows to areas of the brain that release the dopamine, creating a positive sensation.

For anyone looking to embrace the passion and intensity that derives from rock n roll music, checking out some famous bands such as Pink Floyd, U2, the Rolling Stones, or ACDC might be the right answer. Sometimes it’s nice to step put of your comfort zone and unleash your wild side.


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