For the love of Country

For all the country lovers out there, heres a little break down of  where it derived from and how it effects the lives of individuals. The most prevelant stero-type of country music listeners is that they are all beer-drinking hillbillies. However, most songs are embedded with a much deeper meaning than people presume. Songs like “Voices” by Chris Young and “I Hope you Dance” by Leanne Womack convey powerful messages about being thankful for your family and never letting aything stop you from achieving your goals. Country music can be identified with factors of everyday life. Songs about love, happiness, religion, family, drinking, cheating, and hurting exist in one song or another. It’s definitely not everyone’s genre of music but it’s rock n roll and folk roots make it fun for almost anyone. The best part about country music is that there are songs that will never fail to uplift your spirits. “She’s Country,” by Jason Aldean is one of my personal favorites. The song gets you up on your feet and calls for an undeniably good time.

Check out this music video of Jason Aldean singing my favorite song!



My favorite thing about country music is the community sense it brings. Since we are talking about love for the country, listening to country music conveys a sense of home that all of us can relate to. I experienced this feeling first hand when I went to Stagecoach, the country music festival held every year in Indio, CA. It was a weekend of love, laughs, and good music. On the very last night, the Rascal Flatts performed during a pivitol moment in our country, the death of Osama Bin Laden. The music brought us all closer together and we all chanted “USA! USA! USA!” as the Rascal Flatts made the big announcement. Sharing such a meaningful moment with everyone made me proud to me an American, and the musicbrought the bond even closer together in a way that will never be forgotten.


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