It’s interesting how certain words you use to describe things can derive from a whole other meaning. It may sound silly, but I only recently descovered that “Indie” music is really short for “Independent” music. However, when you think about the true meaning of Indie, it makes sense. Indie bands aren’t signed to any big record labels, which categorizes them as “independent.” The same goes for Indie music listeners. They’re labeled as “independents” because they listen to underground music that wasn’t influenced by others. For people who listen to indie, the music is about emotion and individuality, not tuning in to the mainstream “pop” or “R & B” songs we hear 10,000 times a day on the radio. In brief, indie music is unique, truer, and less perfect than most of these “big label” songs and artists. It includes the less cookie-cutter versions of punk, alternatve rock, and heavy metal, however it allows more space for more creativity.


So what is the deal with these mysterious independant music listeners? What makes them so unique and how does the indie music lifestyle effect them as individuals? You could say that Indie music is a cultural phenomenon that shapes how listeners behave specifically in regards to the music they listen to. Indie music fans are more passionate and proud because they choose music based on their own discoveries rather than choosing to follow the overrated musical trend of the radio. It makes poeple feel individualistic and free from the outside control of societal tendencies. There is no other genre of music that effects the individuality of someone greater than that of indie music.

For those who might make decisions based off of the influences of others too often, I reccommed becoming more “indie”pendant. You won’t regret the liberating effect it has on the mind as well as it’s ability to alter someones overall perspective on musical culture. One of my all time favorite Indie bands is Arctic Monkeys. They were signed to an independent record label over 10 years ago and have reached great success with their unique and relatable sound since. Arctic Monkeys are among some of the best Indie rock bands that have proven their originality and good taste in “different” music. When listening to their songs, Arctic Monkeys fans really get to embrace the unique side of their personalities. Check out this next song called “Do I Wanna Know?” just released from their new album!


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