Rebellion is a Way of Life


Thoughts on black metal music: personally not my favorite but it sure has a way of promoting the rage and violence instilled in so many of this generations teens.

I don’t think all black metal listeners hate the world, they’re just looking for a way to express themselves. #pentupemotions

Black metal is similar to heavy metal except vocalists tend to sound more demonic. Fast tempos and shrieking vocals fuels just the right amount of hate, anger, and rebellion that encourages the mindsets of angsty teens.

Black metal is specifically related to darkness and evil. Ironically, other forms of metal music can promote positivity.

Anyone who’s feeling rebellious and wants to release the pain and anger they have pent up inside of them should start listening to black metal. It’s infuriating yet relaxing at the same time. #dontbescared


“All Shall Fall” is one of the greatest songs by black metal band IMMORTAL. It’s heavy, aggressive, and brings out the darkest aspects of humans. #feelangrymusic

“Rise those who despite the weak/ Spare none and ride proudly on the winds of death/ All defeated by our call, all defeated by the wars/ Under the hovering thunders of darkness” #wordsofwisdom #allshallfall

Someone should paint their faces like the members of IMMORTAL for halloween and scream lyrics of their songs. You can  really achieve the scary/ pissed off vibe. #bestcostume


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