Can Classical Music make you Happier?

Guest Post by Nadine Bouz:

According to MU Department of Psychological studies faculty member Ken Shelden, classical music is proven to not affect your happiness unless one actively tries to be happier.  Ken Sheldon created two groups of study subjects and told one group to actively try to be happier while the other one had no such request.  As a result, the subject that were told to work at feeling happier were more successful when they listened to classical music.  This result shows that a specific genre of music does not make someone happier; people typically pick music that matches how they are feeling. For example, recent research shows that if people are feeling angry, they prefer discordant music.  So it ultimately depends on what type of music you personally like meaning that it varies for everyone. Different types of music bring pleasure and happiness to different people depending on their personal tastes.



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