About Me

Who Am I:

Hey guys, i’m Deryn!  I’m a freshman in college and I’m new to this exciting and creative world of blogging. I will be sharing some of my insight on the topic of music and its effects on individuals.

A little bit about my Blog:

When i’m feeling sad or overwhelmed, I turn to music to help me cope with every day anxieties.  Whether it’s listening to songs with my head phones, going to concerts, or singing in the shower, I have always relied on music to help get me through the day. A song is more than just an organization of words; It’s a combination of melody, musical accompaniment, and lyrics that can have effects on humans in a much larger way than we can imagine.  Different genres of music can make someone feel more energetic, calm, relaxed, or help people focus on working or studying. Some music can even bring people together in a powerful way.

The purpose of my Blog:

I’m creating a blog that will inform readers on how different types of music effect humans in differnt ways. I’ve spent a good deal of time researching this topic in the past so I look forward to expressing some of my understanding. I’d also love to share with the community some of my favorite songs among different genres that could help students cope with stress ro other issues they may deal with. Music is an incredible way to escape and stimulate the mind in an exciting way.  I hope everyone enjoys this new approach i’m taking on music. I look forward to seeing everyone’s responses!


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